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Oh Hello

Just stopped back in for a moment because I have a killer headache and can’t concentrate on any work.

Less than a week now and finals are over!

I have received my Mass Effect Trilogy and bought Portal 1&2 on the cheap through Steam, I am ready for my summer break now please give me.

Also if any of my followers have Steam you should message me! Do it!!!

Okay you all have a fabulous rest of your week.

Popping back in to post some French vocabulary for no reason

Retrouver son chemin

continuer – to continue

se déplacer – to move (change location)

descendre – to go/come down

être perdu(e) – to be lost

monter – to go up/come up

s’orienter – to get one’s bearings

suivre – to follow

tourner – to turn

traverser – to cross

un angle – corner

une avenue – avenue

un banc – bench

un bâtiment – building

un boulevard – boulevard

une cabine téléphonique – phone booth

un carrefour – intersection

un chemin – way; path

un coin – corner

des indications (f.) – directions

un feu de signalisation (feux pl.) – traffic light(s)

une fontaine – fountain

un office du tourisme – tourist office

un pont – bridge

une rue – street

une statue – statue

est – east

nord – north

ouest – west

sud – south

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